Experience breath-taking views and pure joy at the summit!

Lush meadows with colourful flowers, picturesque mountain lakes and the ringing of cow bells.  Discover the Lungau mountain summer and harvest season!  Lace up your hiking boots and discover, alone or with friends and family, the fantastic mountain scenery of Lungau in Salzburg.  Whether you prefer an easy foot path, a more challenging mountain climb or lake to lake tour, the breath-taking panorama will always be nearby!

Beeindruckende Natur im Lungau

The very well-marked footpath system in Lungau offers the ideal tour for mountain experts and novices alike.  Whilst the more experienced mountaineers venture out on multi-day tours, families can hike on one of the many theme-based trails and nature paths.

And in the more than 70 cosy mountain huts you’ll be served with traditional Salzburg delicacies.  An absolute must is the “Bauernkrapfen”!  And maybe the friendly landlords will tell a few tales about the mountain lakes of Lungau.

Tip: If you take the Lungau cable car and valley bus you can reach the mountain summit with little effort and with the Lungau Card it’s even free of charge.

Hiking maps and tips for hiking tours for each season are available from AlpiNest.

Hiking in the rain?

It isn’t advised to start a mountain tour in bad weather.  Some of the easier footpaths in Lungau can be used though when wearing rubber boots.  The animals and plants of Lungau are pleased when there are rain clouds in the sky.  After particularly hot days the dry ground almost appears to steam.  Streams and rivulets appear where they weren’t before and a particular aroma hangs in the air.  Breathe in deeply and enjoy the peace of the forest.  Do you hear the sound of raindrops and the rustling of trees?