Wellness holiday at AlpiNest

A place to relax, recharge your batteries and experience Lungau

Switch off.  Leave your daily routine behind you.  Bring your body and soul in to harmony.  Use the strength of nature to refuel your energy. Far from the crowds of tourism you will find the crystal clear lakes, lush meadows, green forests and the jagged mountain peaks of Lungau, Salzburg.  Sounds like it’s from a fairy tale book?  Well, it’s not.  If you’re looking for a tranquil place to holiday then this sunniest region of Austria is a true hidden gem.  And AlpiNest is in the centre of it all!

Find yourself with nature

Alone or with our naTOURnah team, you will have the opportunity to find yourself; leaving the stress of everyday life behind you, restore your inner balance and strength.  A balanced programme ranging from relaxing yoga sessions to action-filled trail runs or hikes where you can push yourself to the limits.  The naTOURnah recipe for your wellness holiday is a colourful mixture of exciting activities and relaxation.

Wellness for the palate

Your sense of well-being will not only be improved in Lungau by the fresh air, sunshine and activity.  Also your palate will be spoilt at AlpiNest by all the regional delicacies.  Let theAlpiNest team treat you to a tasty cheese dumpling soup or a traditional “Speck-Jause”.  And if that’s not enough then the delicious “Bauernkrapfen” is sure to take you to culinary seventh heaven!

Does that sound good?  Then treat yourself to a well-earned break and book your next holiday at AlpiNest in Lungau!


In Lungau, “organic and regional” goes without saying when it comes to food.