naTOURnah Seminars

Turn your event into an unforgettable experience.

Seminars can be strenuous for everyone involved so why not give your participants the opportunity to switch off and relax with one of our customised leisure programmes.  Mutual experiences help to keep motivation and concentration levels high, and most importantly strengthen staff relationships.

Experiences & Taking part

Taking part and enjoying shared experiences is a priority for us.  Next to professional team training and team building, as well as forest-related and experiential education, our naTOURnah team invites you to relax with yoga and meditation.

With its prime location AlpiNest offers the perfect starting point for action and adventure in the mountains of Lungau.

Choose from our extensive range of activities to find the perfect match for your participants and let us put together a customised programme for you.

Team Building

Together we achieve more. And the better this collaboration works, the quicker our targets will be reached and implemented. In team training and team building the focus is on perfecting certain tasks together and therefore strengthening cooperation.

Forest and Experiential Education

A good team is made successful by the actions and personality of each individual. Forest-related and experiential education begins here and focuses on developing the social competences of each member through shared experiences of nature.

Outdoor Experience

Here, nature is used as an energy-giving resource. Exercise in the fresh air cleanses the entire organism, refreshes and revitalises, which in turn strengthens concentration and enables you to re-charge your batteries.

Yoga & Meditation

Modern work life is often filled with stress and pressure to perform. Here, yoga and meditation can provide relief. The focus lies not only on the relief of acute conditions and reduction of stress symptoms but also, and most importantly, the prevention of those.